Tuition Access Grant (TAG)

The Tuition Access Grant (TAG) is a newly approved program that is being implemented for the Fall 2016 term.

Program Description

TAG provides tuition assistance to all new out-of-state and international freshman or transfer students living on campus. You may be eligible to receive a ,000 annual grant to help reduce the out-of-state tuition cost. TAG offers financial support for non-residents and provides greater access to attend FSC.


Who is eligible for this grant? An eligible student must meet all the following criteria:

  • New out-of-state or international student.
  • Must reside on the FSC campus.
  • Is not receiving full financial support from their government or any other agency.

Annual Award Eligibility

  • Students receiving TAG must remain in good academic standing as determined by the academic program in which the student is enrolled.
  • Eligible students enrolled through the TAG program will receive the annual ,000 grant until graduation, up to four years.
  • New students enrolled through the program will retain the TAG while in continuous enrollment, not exceeding four years.
  • New transfer students enrolled under the program will retain the TAG while in continuous enrollment, in proportion to the transfer credits accepted.
  • If a recipient withdraws or discontinues enrollment at FSC, he/she will forfeit the grant.

TAG Program Details

  • The TAG program will be reevaluated annually by the FSC President.
  • The President may terminate the program at any time; however, currently enrolled students who maintain eligibility in the TAG program will continue to receive the grant until graduation, not exceeding four years.
  • If a recipient of the TAG returns to FSC after withdrawing, the Provost's Office will decide if the student may resume with the TAG program.
  • Out-of-state and international students who transfer into the college are eligible for the TAG in proportion to the credit hours remaining in the academic program into which they are enrolled. For example: if sixty (60) credits are accepted for a transfer student, that student is eligible for ,000 per year for two academic years.