The primary function of the Purchasing Department is the procurement of goods, materials and services in a timely manner as required by the College to fulfill its mission in education, research, economic, and cultural/social development. Through effective communication, both internal and external, the Purchasing Department strives to provide for the varied needs of the campus community while observing the laws and regulations of the New York State Office of the State Comptroller, the New York State Office of General Services, and the State University of New York. This involves a balance between efficient and timely service to our customers and providing an environment of good sound business controls to protect the assets of Farmingdale State College. Procurement is accomplished with the generation of purchase orders or the use of the state issued procurement card.


Vendor Information

New York State Vendor Management System

The New York State Office of the State Comptroller implemented a vendor management system with vendor information supplied from the Internal Revenue Service's database from previous W-9 submissions to the IRS.


    Vendors wishing to do business with Farmingdale State College that are not in the New York Statewide Financial System must submit a Substitute W-9 Form, including their contact name and email address to Farmingdale State College. This is to be done prior to the purchasing transaction. Farmingdale State College will set up an initial vendor profile in the Statewide Financial System to be used for Purchase Orders and Payments. Forms should be emailed to purchasing@farmingdale OR faxed to 934-420-2443.

    If there is a discrepancy between a state Vendor Profile and the information Farmingdale State College receives from the vendor to process a Purchase Order (for example, address or name change), the Vendor Profile must be updated by the vendor on the Statewide Financial System using the Vendor Portal Login before the Purchase Order can be generated.

Vendor Hierarchy

When choosing vendors for state-funded purchases, Farmingdale State College must also follow New York State Purchasing initiatives. Vendors will be considered using the hierarchy below.

  1. State Preferred Sources:  New York State Finance Law allows purchase of goods and services from preferred sources without competition, and also allows that form, function and utility requirements may be considered. Purchases from Preferred Sources take precedence over all other sources of supply and competitive procurement methods, and do not require a bid, quote, or solicitation requirement. If a preferred source is to be rejected, that source must be given prior written notice with an explanation and an opportunity to respond. For additional information regarding these preferred sources and their offerings visit the New York State Office of General Services List of Preferred Source Offerings and Preferred Source Guidelines.

    Corcraft:  New York State Department of Correctional Services
    NYSPSP: NYS Preferred Source Program for New Yorkers who are Blind
    NYSID: New York State Industries for the Disabled

  2. State Contracts and SUNY Contracts:

    OGS State Contracts: The Office of General Services (OGS) awards statewide contracts for many commodities and services. Purchases using OGS state contracts do not require a bid, quote, or solicitation requirement. The OGS website has contract information and search capability.
    SUNY Contracts: The State University of New York offers several University-wide or multi-campus commodity, service, and technology contracts. Purchases using SUNY wide contracts do not require a bid, quote, or solicitation requirement. The SUNY website contracts search provides information about current contracts for the State University of New York.

  3. New York State Certified Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBE) and New York State Certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Businesses (SDVOB): SUNY, in tandem with the New York State Department of Economic Development, seeks to promote procurement from certified state minority and women owned business enterprises and service-disabled veteran-owned businesses The College strongly encourages the selection of MWBE and SDVOB vendors when possible. A statewide directory of MWBE vendors and SDVOB vendors can be downloaded and/or searched on the OGS website.

  4. Open Market: Purchases may be made from vendors that are not a preferred source, on state contract, or on SUNY contract, but are subject to state competitiveness requirements. Purchases using the open market require bids, quotes, and solicitation requirements.

For more information on how to do business with Farmingdale, or SUNY, go the How to do Business with SUNY web page, or visit the New York State Contract Reporter (NYSCR) for procurement opportunities advertised by SUNY.




Last Modified 7/13/21