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Academic Support & Access Programs

A Department: A Family, Surviving & Thriving… Together

The Department of Academic Support & Access Programs serves over 1,600 secondary school and Farmingdale State College students annually through ten grant-funded and state-operated programs. Dedicated to the support and advancement of underrepresented students, we provide comprehensive services designed to meet student needs and support the College’s mission. At the core of our programs is the premise that all students have infinite potential to succeed. It is our responsibility, and our honor, to guide them through obstacles to meet their goals.

Our reality during this unexpected pandemic is no exception. COVID-19 has presented what seems like an endless stream of challenges for our students and communities. Staff and faculty have met the challenge and remain steadfast in their commitment to support and motivate our students. Persistence, innovation, and flexibility have been key to effectively transitioning to remote operations. In addition to continued individual and group support services, several innovative ventures were initiated, such as virtual conferences at which students present research. In addition, virtual award ceremonies brought together large groups of students, staff and faculty alike.

As the spring semester ended, focus shifted to implementing newly designed virtual summer programs that are interactive and focused on the educational and social growth of our students. We are excited for these new ventures in our continuing efforts to help our incoming college freshmen successfully transition to higher education, and our secondary school students participate in educational programming that will enhance their summer experience.

From our family, to yours: Stay Safe & Stay Focused! And remember… we’re #InThisTogether

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Last Modified 4/2/24