Online RN to BS Completion - Fall Semester ONLY

All applicants to this program must meet the safety and technical standards and hold an unencumbered license and current registration from the state in which they reside.

Applicants must be graduates of an accredited associate degree nursing program and have a minimum GPA of 3.0. The applicant must also show competence in all transfer Science and Nursing courses (The typical student admitted has grades of B or better in all courses).

The RN-BS Completion Program consists of 60 college credits beyond the associate degree (26 credits in the major and 30-36 credits of liberal arts and sciences).

Transfer credits will be evaluated after acceptance. Students who enter the SUNY system after fall 2000 must complete all General Education requirements as outlined in the College catalog. A minimum of 30 credits in nursing and 20 credits in liberal arts and sciences may be transferred.

Sample Program of Study:
NUR 215W Developing Nurses' Ways of Knowing 3 Credits
NUR 216     The Art of Nursing 2 Credits
NUR 301     Caring for Populations in the Community Setting 4 Credits/90 Clinical Hours
NUR 305     Health Promotion and Patient Education 3 Credits
NUR 401     Modes of Inquiry 3 Credits
NUR 404     Nurse as Advocate and Change Agent   3 Credits
NUR 406     Senior Leadership Practicum 5 Credits/120 Clinical Hours
HST 301     Health Care Organization 3 Credits
MTH 110     Statistics 3 Credits
BIO 240      Bioethics 3 Credits
All of the nursing programs are extremely competitive. The typical student admitted has grades of B or better in all courses.

Curriculum Pattern

1st Year: Fall Credits
NUR 215W: Nurses Ways of Knowing 3
NUR 216: The Art of Nursing 2
1st Year: Spring  
NUR 301: Caring for Populations in the Community Setting 4
NUR 305: Health Promotion & Patient Education 3
1st Year: Summer  
HST 301: Healthcare Organizations 3
Total 15
2nd Year: Fall Credits
NUR 401: Modes of Inquiry 3
NUR 404: Nurses as Advocate & Change Agent 3
2nd Year: Spring   
NUR 406: Leadership Practicum 5
Total 11
FSC 30 credit residency requirement = 23 nursing credits + 3 HST credits + 2 liberal arts courses (such as Bioethics or SPE 202)
Liberal Arts and Sciences requirements Credits
EGL 101 3
EGL 102 3
PSY 101 3
PSY 232 3
BIO 170 4
BIO 171 4
BIO 220 4
BIO 240 3
MTH 110 3
SOC 228 3
SPE 202 3
Total 60