Shared governance is central to the vitality of the modern college community. The members of the Farmingdale State College faculty, staff and administration pride themselves on the success of their vibrant college governance environment, a system based on a core of cooperation and respect for one another.

Standing Committees

  • Admissions and Academic Standards Committee
  • Bylaws Committee
  • Calendar Committee
  • College Academic Faculty Committee on Continuing and Term Appointment (CCTA)
  • College Academic Faculty Promotions Committee (CAFPC)
  • College-Wide Scholarship & Awards Committee
  • Curriculum Committee
  • Elections Committee
  • Farmingdale Executive Committee
  • International Education Committee
  • Multicultural Committee
  • Planning and Budget Committee
  • Sabbatical and Reduced Load Committee
  • Selection Committee for Distinguished Faculty Ranks
  • Selection Committee for Chancellor's Excellence Awards for Faculty
  • Selection Committee for Chancellor's Awards for Professional Service
  • Student Affairs and Services Committee

Non-Governance Committees

  • Environmental Health and Safety Committee
  • Campus Safety Advisory Committee
  • Space Planning Committee
  • Catalog Committee
  • CTLT
  • CPRA
  • Joint Labor-Management Committee
  • Institutional Review Board