Use of Facilities

Campus facilities are available to non-College (external) organizations, subject to certain terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are explained in detail in the Revocable Permit, which is issued to all external groups authorized to use campus facilities.

Any external groups wishing to use campus facilities must complete and submit an  to the Office of Administrative Service an External Request Form. It is important to note that no external group will be permitted to use campus facilities without written approval from Administrative Services. Any group requesting an event that will involve minors without their guardian present must submit a  Request to Conduct Programs or Activities with Children. Any group wishing to use the Farmingdale State College Gardens for professional photography must complete and submit a Garden Photography Request. Garden photography sessions can be scheduled from April 1 through November 15 only.

Liability Coverage

All external groups must secure appropriate liability insurance coverage naming the State of New York,  State University of New York and Farmingdale State College as additional insured for each of the dates the group plans on using College facilities. A certificate of insurance must be forwarded to Administrative Services prior to the event, (preferably thirty days prior). The College will not finalize the approval process until such certificate has been received. Appropriate liability coverage is detailed in the Revocable Permit.

College Assessed Fees

All requests for use of campus facilities by external groups will be assessed certain fees. Fees are categorized as: Usage, Equipment, Labor, and Liability. Fees will be based on explicit and implicit needs, as determined by the College. An invoice will be provided indicating individual and total fees. In the event that a specific fee cannot be pre-determined, an estimate will be provided and an accurate fee will be calculated at the conclusion of the event. Estimates will be clearly indicated as such on the invoice, as well as the permit.

Fees Charged by External Groups

Promotions (i.e. publications and advertisements) indicating event fees, such as registration, admission, or entry, must clearly and explicitly identify the sponsor for the event. These promotions must also clearly and explicitly indicate that the College is not benefiting or realizing revenue from such fees.

Use of the College’s Name and Address

External groups may not use the College’s name, logo or trademark as part of its name or address without the written authorization of the President of the College, or his designee. When addressing the location of the event, the organization must use the following address:            

Farmingdale State College           
2350 Broadhollow Road           
Farmingdale, NY 11735

To Request Use of Campus Facilities

  1. External organizations must submit an External Request Form.
  2. Administrative Services will draft a permit and assess fees. The permit and invoice will be returned to the permittee (group requesting use).
  3. The permittee must return the fully executed permit, payment and a certificate of insurance prior to the event. 
  4. If required, the permit will be forwarded to SUNY legal counsel to obtain the State Attorney General’s and the State Comptroller’s approval.
  5. Only once we receive a fully executed permit, payment and certificate of insurance, will the permittee receive formal approval for use of campus facilities.
  6. Administrative Services will coordinate activities with all internal agencies – ensuring proper setup, coverage and other internal arrangements lead to a successful event.

use of facilities

Horton Hall, Room 145
Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm


Joanne Ulrich
Use of Facilities Coordinator


Brendan Twomey
Men's Basketball Coach/ Facility Contracts

Last Modified 10/7/21