Aviation Flight Center

Welcome to the Aviation Center at Farmingdale State College which is located at Republic Airport. The 22,000 sq ft. Aerospace Facility was built in 1990 and is the primary hub for flight training at Farmingdale State College. The facility is ideally located to accommodate students from the tri state area. The facility is less than 2 miles from the main campus making it an easy commute, or the student can take public transportation from the main campus. There is public transportation to/from the LIRR and is a few miles from all major highways.

We are the largest collegiate Flight School in the Northeast Region and the only SUNY School to offer a 4 Year Degree Program in Aeronautical Science. The Aviation Center averages 5,800 Flight Hours a Year in Solo and Dual Flight Instruction. We average over 5 FAA Certification Rides per month and over 20 Student Progression/Stage Checks per month.


Our programs are not limited to finding just one job. They will give you a solid undergraduate education with a major in Aeronautical Science and are designed to open as many career doors as possible. Successful graduates have gone on to careers such as:

  • Certified Flight Instructor
  • Airline Pilot
  • Charter Pilot
  • Corporate Pilot
  • Banner Tow Plane Pilot
  • Armed Forces
  • Federal Aviation Administration 

FSC Graduate Statistics 2013-2017

  • 94% of graduates employed immediately after graduation
  • 85% of graduates employed in aviation field as instructors and/or pilots
  • 40% of graduates were employed at FSC as flight instructors
  • 6% of graduates joined the United States Armed Forces

*Statistics based on 52 graduates from September 2013 through June 2017

Aviation department

Lupton Hall, Room 104

Aviation Center

885 Broadhollow Rd


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Michael Hughes
 Aviation Center Director


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