How to Schedule an Exam While Classes are All Online

Your instruction for the rest of the Spring 2020 semester will seem quite different to many of you. We will get through this together. The following are our instructions for how to schedule testing accommodations that will be online.
During this semester, if you need testing accommodation for exams, our procedures for this semester will be as follows:
1. Email your instructor and inform him/her of your accommodations. Always include Debra Ruland in your email to your professor. Debbie's email address is: Email
2. Debbie will confirm your request for accommodations by "reply all" so that both you and your instructor will get the message.
3. Most of you require simply "more time to take tests". This is simple. If your test is on Blackboard, your instructor will get instructions on how to reset the timer to give you the extra time.
4. If you are a student who needs more than time and ½ and frequent breaks (due to health issues), please email Debbie to remind her about your health and why this additional accommodation is necessary.

PLEASE NOTE: All of us in the DSC, are working from home for now (as of 3/19/20), and we don't have access to your files.
5. If you need "tests read" there is a 'screen read function" on Blackboard, in Microsoft and Apple functions.

Below is an example of Testing Accommodation request:
It is written as if it is an email.

SUBJ: Testing Accommodations for BUS 101 –
Malka Edelman RAM ID: 123456789

Dear Professor Jones,
This is Malka Edelman and I am currently enrolled in your BUS 101 class that used to meet on M/W at 9:30am. I am a student with a disability and I will require time and ½ for all of my tests. I am including Debra Ruland, the testing coordinator in the DSC to confirm my accommodations.
Here is where you might add something additionally that might apply.
I always have my test read and do require frequent breaks due to my health issues. Debbie will confirm.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Malka Edelman