Student Health Insurance

The College requires that all students residing in residence hall facilities have health insurance.  Resident students are automatically charged the student health fee.  Resident students who maintain their own health insurance may waive the health insurance fee by signing a waiver form and submitting proof of personal insurance to the Student Health and Wellness Center on an annual basis, therefore, a waiver form must be submitted each year for resident students attending both fall and spring semesters and each spring for students who enroll in housing in the spring semester.  Resident students may waive the insurance during the first ten (10) days of the semester only.  Submitting a waiver form within the first ten (10) days of each semester will reduce your bill.  Waiver forms are available here as well as at the Student Health and Wellness Center and at Student Accounts.  

To insure that the mandatory health insurance charge is removed from your account, you must complete and submit the Waiver Form within the first ten (10) days of class for the semester. 

Waiver forms MUST be submitted each year. 

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