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How does the meal plan work for resident students?

All resident students are automatically enrolled in the Carte Blanche plan which offers unlimited access to POPs (pay one price), our all-you-care-to-eat dining facility, and $150 declining balance dollars per semester.  Resident students are able to upgrade to the Carte Blanche Premium plan, which provides an additional $100 declining balance dollars for only $80 more each semester.

Can I upgrade my meal plan from Carte Blanche to Premium Carte Blanche?

Yes, you can upgrade your meal plan during the first two weeks of the fall and/or spring semester.

What happens to my unused declining balance dollars on the meal plan at the end of the semester?

Unused declining balance dollars associated with Carte Blanche or Carte Blanche Premium plans will carry over from the fall to spring semester, provided you are still on a meal plan in the spring semester.  Declining balance dollars do not carry over at the end of the spring semester to the next academic year.

How does the commuter meal plan work?

Commuter students have the option of purchasing a block of declining balance dollars.  With each purchase, the balance will be on the student's ID card.  Declining balance dollars have a $1 for $1 value and may be used at any on campus dining location, including paying the door rate at POPs.

As a commuter, what are the benefits of purchasing a commuter meal plan?

All purchases made with a meal plan are free of sales tax, unlike cash or credit purchases.  This applies to student meal plans only.  In addition, all declining balance meal plans include bonus dollars.  If you purchase a $400 meal plan, you will receive a 25% bonus - that's an additional $100 for free.  Any purchase over $250 receives a 20% bonus; purchases over $50 (up to $250) receive a 10% bonus.  Commuter student meal plans are paid using your student ID - eliminating the need to carry cash or use your debit or credit card.

Declining balance dollars will roll over from the fall to the spring semester.  However, they will not roll over from academic year to academic year and will expire at the end of the spring semester.

How do you sign up for a commuter student meal plan?

Visit the Dining Services Office in the Campus Center (next to the Campus Center Marketplace).  You can also sign up online on the Campus Dining Website External link.

What should I do if I have any type of concern with my dining experience?

Campus dining is committed to providing the campus community with an outstanding dining experience and welcome your feedback.  Please immediately bring any questions, concerns or suggestions to our on site manager. 

Can I use my personal re-usable beverage container in the retail market?

Please use the disposable cups provided.  The use of reusable containers is not allowed by Suffolk County Health Code 760-1323 "Reusable containers shall be filled if only mechanically cleaned and sanitized immediately preceding the filling operation". 

Please refer to the Campus Dining webpage for additional information by clicking on the Campus Dining link provided under the "On Campus Food and Dining Services" section above.

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