Collage of images including smiling college students, a historic map with compass, and a scientist using a dropper tool in a petri dish.

Liberal Arts & Sciences

The Department of Liberal Arts & Sciences is the perfect place for students who are looking for a broad overview of arts, sciences, and humanities. Our department provides a well-rounded education that incorporates a diverse knowledge of many different areas. Many students choose to start their college education here to explore their interests, earn their associate degree, and continue on as juniors in a bachelor degree.

The Liberal Arts & Sciences department is our "stepping stone" into college for the student who is undecided and looking to experiment by taking a variety of different courses while working towards a degree and fulfilling the General Education requirements.

The department encourages students to strive for excellence and work towards membership into Phi Theta Kappa. One of the highest honors a Farmingdale student can receive, is election to Phi Theta Kappa, the National Junior College Honorary Scholastic Society. Mu Omega is the local Farmingdale chapter.

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Last Modified 2/22/24