RAM Summer Kick-Off

Meet your fellow Class of 2025 RAM Scholars, RAM Counselors and Directors, RAM Student Leadership members, key Farmingdale support staff, and learn all you need to make a successful transition to Farmingdale State College.

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Monday, July 19th or Monday, July 26th (VIRTUAL)


Welcome by President John Nader

and RAM Staff


Breakout Session 1


Parent Breakout Session


Breakout Session 2


Breakout Session 3


Breakout Session 4


Closing Remarks / Gear-Up for DAY 2



Tuesday, July 20th or Tuesday, July 27th (IN-PERSON)

9:00am Check-In and Welcome
9:15am Breakout Session 5
10:00am Breakout Session 6
10:45am RAMily Feud & Close Out
12:00pm Check-In and Welcome
12:15pm Breakout Session 5
1:00pm Breakout Session 6
1:45pm RAMily Feud & Close Out


3:00pm Check-In and Welcome
3:15pm Breakout Session 5
4:00pm Breakout Session 6
4:45pm RAMily Feud & Close Out

Thawanhathai Kiatsutthakorn - Coordinator

Major: Bioscience
High School: William Floyd High School
Fun Fact: I know how to crochet and have been doing it before it became a trend on tik tok. I actually don't even have tik tok. Sometimes I like to sing, mostly just in the shower. I used to be a psychology major but switched to bioscience my sophomore year. I am currently in the process of becoming an EMT and hope to become a Physician Assistant in the near future. And Ariana Grande is my favorite artist. 
Thawanhathai Kiatsutthakorn

Alia Quadri - Coordinator

Major:Science, Technology, and Society
High School:Jericho Senior High School
Fun Fact:My favorite movie is White Chicks, I want to visit every country possible, and I went to school in a different country for ONLY 1 day, then dropped out!
Alia Quadri

Alia Kazmi

Major: Computer Programming and Information Systems
High School: Valley Stream South High School
Fun Fact:One of my favorite artists is playboi carti, 

my favorite movie is the wedding ringer and A fun fact about me is I love food!


Alia Kazmi

Angel Argueta - Peer Leader

Major: Business Management
High School: Hempstead High School
Fun Fact: I fish on Sundays during the summer, I workout 5 times a week and I like dancing to Spanish music. 
Angel Argueta

Ashley Skaria - Peer Leader

Major: Bioscience
High School:East Meadow High School
Fun Fact: I hope to teach in the near future, at either a high school or university. Fun fact : I do origami, calligraphy, and read a ton! 
Ashley Skaria

Bryan Mendez Andrade

Major: Construction Management
High School:
Bay Shore High School
Fun Fact:
I am a bilingual speaker, started reading and listening to audio books, and want to start learning how to play racquetball. 
Bryan Mendez

Charanjit Singh - Peer Leader

Major: Science, Technology, and Society
High School: Hempstead High School
Fun Fact: I'm kind of asocial, but somehow I still manage to pull in friends. I am a big fan of medical shows such as Grey's Anatomy, The Resident, and many more. I can speak four languages, and I'm on my way to learn another language. 
Charanjit Singh

Dariana Palacios - Peer Leader

Major: Bioscience
High School:Hempstead High School
Fun Fact:I want to gain as much clinical skills and comprehension in volunteering during my undergraduate years and later prepare to apply to schools of veterinary. Out of all the 8 Harry Potter movies, my favorite is the Goblet of Fire 
Dariana Palacios

Faaiza Naeem - Peer Leader

Major: Computer Security Technology
High School:Sewanhaka High School
Fun Fact:I love to travel! If I could go anywhere in the world, I would love to go to Turkey. I've done eight grade twice, and I have Lepidopterophobia.
Faaiza Naeem

Gisela Henriquez Flores - Peer Leader

Major: Bioscience
High School:Deer Park High School
Fun Fact:I was ten years old when I met my family. I'm changing my last name from Henriquez to Flores and I am currently learning a new language. 

Gisela Henriquez Flores

Kayla LoCascio - Peer Leader

Major: Criminal Justice: Police Courts and Corrections
High School:
Sachem North High School
Fun Fact:
I hope to become a police officer! Fun Fact: During my spring semester as a freshman I worked two jobs and had an internship with the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office
Kayla LoCascio

Miles Morris - Peer Leader

Major: Aeronautical Science - Professional Pilot
High School:Smithtown East
Fun Fact:I hope to figure out what a Phalangee is Fun Fact: I can (probably) explain the theory of Relativity to a toddler; I have traveled to Japan; I have been deemed the most interesting man in the world…….by my mother
Miles Moris


Q: Do I have to pay for this Kick Off?

A: No, our Kick Off is completely free!

Q: Is this Kick Off the same as Farmingdale's Orientation?

A: No, this Kick Off is specific for RAM Students only. You must still complete Farmingdale's Orientation. It is important to note: If you attend this RAM Kick Off you are exempt from completing FSC Orientation's, however you still need to pay the Orientation fee for FSC.

Q: What will I get out of this Kick Off?

A: Our Kick Off is designed to give you a crash course on what it is like to be a Farmingdale Student and a RAM Student. Our program is designed to provide you with next steps on what you need to do to prepare for your first semester of college. As well as meeting your Academic Advisors and Peer Leaders.

Q: Do I have to attend both days of the Kick Off?

A: In order to receive credit for Farmingdale's Orientation, yes. You should attend both days, because different information will be covered through both.


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