Newly Renovated Center Unveils Expansion and Updated Design to Better Serve FSC Campus Community  

On September 19, 2023, Farmingdale State College (FSC) formally unveiled its newly renovated Health and Wellness Center with a two-hour grand reopening event for the campus community.  

The event highlighted the center’s full range of health and wellness services, including nursing, acupuncture, chiropractic, and massage therapy, along with refreshments, music, games, and giveaways.  Attendees were able to view treatment rooms, meet center staff, and experience its services in its comfortable, and safe environment. 

“The Health and Wellness Center is an invaluable resource for our students, and we encourage everyone to learn more about its wide variety of benefits and health services,” said Executive Dean for Student Engagement Kevin Murphy RN, MSN. “We are thrilled to officially celebrate FSC’s beautifully redesigned and renovated Health and Wellness Center with our campus community.”  

Renovation efforts began in 2019 with the modernization of the center’s four treatment rooms and acupuncture/chiropractic room and continued this past year with an upgraded waiting room area, patient bathroom renovations, and an expanded, open-concept nurses’ station.  

“It was important to expand the nurses’ station to accommodate our staff,” said FSC’s Director of Health and Wellness Lauren Hillmann, RN, BSN. “Discussions began about making a larger nurses’ station and where the space would come from. Our team discussed the additional needs of the growing clinic and collaborated with the architect to come up with this design and updates. The renovations offer better flow and functionality for employee production as well as the ability to grow our staff along with the growth of the College.”  

The center also offers assistance for students with food insecurities; mental health services; education on cancer screenings, including breast cancer and skin cancer; addiction counseling, including tobacco, vaping, alcohol, and gambling; immunizations, including MMR, tetanus, meningitis, and influenza; laboratory services, including STD/STI testing; women's health services; physical exams; and EKGs.  

“We want our students to know we are here for them,” added Hillmann. “We want them to be as healthy and successful as possible.”  

“I saw all these opportunities and was pleasantly surprised by how much Farmingdale helps [its students], even with mental health services, which is not widely recognized everywhere,” said Aika Suizu ‘27, a Bioscience major, about touring the center. “It’s great to know there is a support system here that will take care of us. I think the services here are really helpful to students and I’m glad Farmingdale has this here for us.”  

View more photos from the Health and Wellness Center Grand Reopening event on our Flickr Gallery.

For more information, please visit the Health and Wellness Center webpage