Congratulations to TRIO/CSTEP for hosting a collaborative and successful event aimed at enhancing mindfulness in a stress free environment.  With finals month in full motion, this activity was the perfect outlet for a mental health break.  

Guest facilitators taught students non-cognitive skills of self awareness, empathy, and how to verbalize emotions.  Bryan Garcia, Director of Support Programs said "It was a unique workshop that I feel can be included with the promotion of an inclusive learning environment." Students participated with genuine enthusiasm and expressed their excitement from beginning to end.  

TRIO is a Student Support Services program funded by the U.S. Department of Education. We serve students who are first-generation (students whose parents have not completed a bachelor's degree), students who are low-income, and students with disabilities. We provide the support you need to stay in school, finish your degree, and (if desired) pursue graduate study. TRIO is a selective program limited to 185 FSC students per year. We seek eligible students who are ready and willing to participate actively in our program.

CSTEP Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program, is a New York State Department of Education Program that provides academic support services and enrichment activities to undergraduate students interested in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, health related fields or careers in licensed professions. Students in CSTEP are highly prepared to enter the workforce and/or pursue higher studies and research in the STEM fields.