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"SEVP continues to receive COVID-19-related stakeholder questions about SEVP-certified schools and nonimmigrant students. Download this PDF to read answers to Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19, including questions about the fall 2020 semester. This list is regularly updated – please note the timestamp of the most recent document update.' From USCIS (US Immigration and Customs Enforcement).



"As the coronavirus (COVID-19) impacts international students and Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)-certified schools, SEVP is closely monitoring key developments and will provide further information and important updates as necessary. SEVP's priority is to ensure that F and M students can make normal progress in a full course of study as required by federal regulations during this time. Schools and students must document any changes and provide this information to SEVP as required. SEVP intends to be flexible and will create special adaptations as the COVID-19 environment changes." Source: Study in the States

Duration of Status

DHS Proposes to Change Admission Period Structure for F, J and I Nonimmigrants
On September 24, 2020, "The Department of Homeland Security has announced a proposed rule to require a fixed period of stay for international students, exchange visitors and foreign information media representatives to encourage program compliance, reduce fraud and enhance national security."

"Under the proposed rule, F or J nonimmigrants would be admitted into the United States for a period up to the end date of their program, not to exceed four years, unless DHS determines that the nonimmigrant is subject to a shorter period of authorized stay limited to two years. Aliens from countries associated with high visa overstay rates (rates greater than 10% for student and exchange visitors) will be limited to up to a two-year fixed period of stay to increase monitoring, deter immigration violations and incentivize timely departure."

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