Institutional Research Handbook

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  • Student Body Profile
  • Enrollment Profile
  • Equal Opportunity Program
  • Profile of Entering Students
  • Admissions: Competitiveness and Yield

Measures of Success

  • Degrees Awarded
  • Retention
  • Graduation
  • Passage Rates of PLEs
  • Latin Honors
  • Honor Societies

Honors and Awards

  • Faculty
  • Professional and Classified Staff
  • Students

Student Services

  • Student Success Center
  • Tutoring Center
  • Math Center
  • Writing Center
  • Career Planning
  • Disabilities
  • Counseling Center

Student Activities

  • Student Orientation
  • Athletics

Academic Programs and Instruction

  • Baccalaureate, Associate and Certificate Programs
  • Student Enrollment in Academic Programs
  • Baccalaureate Program Registration
  • Distribution of Faculty by Department
  • Class Size
  • Mode of Instruction
  • Internship Placements (Credit-Bearing)
  • Clinical Placements (Credit-Bearing)
  • Study Abroad

Institutional Resources: Faculty and Staff

  • Full-time Faculty
  • Part-time Faculty
  • Course Sections Taught (Full-time vs. Part-time)
  • Full-Time Non-Faculty Employees
  • Part-Time Non-Faculty Employees

Institutional Resources: Finances

Institutional Resources: Library Operations

  • Total Library Collections
  • Audio Visual Titles
  • Interlibrary Loans
  • Library Activities
  • Library Budget
  • Other Library Information

Institutional Resources: Space and Facilities

  • Inventory of College Buildings by Major Use
  • Room Utilization Summary
  • Classroom Usage by Capacity
  • Smart Room Usage
  • Total Classroom and Smart Room Usage
  • Specialty Lab Usage
  • Campus Construction Project Schedule

Institutional Resources: Grants and Sponsored Programs

  • Sponsored Programs Funded

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Patricia Lind-Gonzalez
Chief Institutional Research Officer


Kathleen Beier
Institutional Research Analyst