Women's History Month

Women's History Month

Join us as we spotlight three of the many bright, shining lights in the FSC community during our Women's History Month celebrations. 

Headshot of Dorothy Atubiga
Dorothy Atubiga
Aviation Administration
Class of 2024
Are there specific figures from women’s history who have had a significant impact on you?

"As an avid female aviation enthusiast, I find inspiration in the remarkable achievements of women who have excelled in this traditionally male-dominated realm. Witnessing the successes of great women like Keiva Rodriguez and Melinda Montgomery encourages me to push myself further and persevere, even in the face of challenges. Their accomplishments instill in me the belief that I too can carve out a significant place in the aviation industry through diligence and dedication."

Headshot of Jenna Natale
Jenna Natale
Professional Communications, Minor in English Literature
Class of 2016
How do you feel that you are contributing to the community?

"My work as Associate Executive Director at the Moxxie Mentoring Foundation lets me take part in delivering curriculum and mentorship to young women (and women in job transition) to help them build the confidence, skills and connections to excel in their careers and in life. Our organization knows that women’s innate skills and perspectives add real value to the profitability, culture and operations of any organization. As someone who benefited from five years of Moxxie mentorship prior to joining the nonprofit, I know the curriculum works.

The nonprofit/women’s empowerment world wasn’t where I started, though. I spent about a decade in B2B news media climbing the corporate ladder. I was fortunate to meet and interview powerful businesswomen across Long Island who were making waves in their industries – it was fantastic to be surrounded by these role models as a young woman rising in her career.

After the birth of our first child – a girl – in 2023, I had the revelation that being a woman in business is hard, but being a working mother challenges your identity and self-worth in ways you couldn’t imagine. I found myself leaning hard on my support system – comprising mostly women, and many Moxxie mentors – to navigate my new life. I was lucky to have women who were generous with their advice and encouragement.

 Yet, once I got into my working motherhood groove, I realized how few women even have access to a support system. I knew I wanted to deliver that to other women. I left my corporate job, launched my own consulting firm, and joined the Moxxie Mentoring Foundation in 2024. I know women’s empowerment is where I’m meant to be."

Headshot of Nur Dean
Nur Dean
Assistant Professor
Computer Systems
What does Women’s History Month mean to you personally?

"Personally, Women's History Month signifies the achievements of women and services as a celebration of their successes. It is a time to reflect on the advancements women have made in the workplace, striving for equal respect and recognition.

On campus, I serve as a female role model for other female students in the science and engineering fields, acting as a source of encouragement. Off-campus, I actively participate in community events and volunteer at school events aimed at encouraging female students to pursue their interests in STEM fields."

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