Black History Month

Black History Month

FSC Celebrates Black History Month

During Black History month, FSC is proud to highlight our faculty, students and alumni. Join us as we celebrate some of the members of our community who continue to make history at FSC and change the lives of those around them.

Michael Nembhard
Michael Nembhard
Acting Dean of Students
How is FSC supporting diversity and inclusivity across campus? What more can we be doing?

"FSC continuously expands our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion practices across campus. I have witnessed the college's progressive steps in providing Gender Inclusive bathrooms, prayer spaces, and monthly DEI engagement events to bring awareness and support diverse accommodations. As the world continues to grow, staying vigilant and abreast with the FSC community members is essential to help understand trends and accommodations needed to support our diverse communities."

Carl Denaud
Carl Denaud
Global Business, Certificate in Human Resources ManagementClass of 2024President of the International Student AssociationVP of the NAACPSenator at large for the Student Government AssociationVP of the Creative Writing Club
How do you feel that you are contributing to the African American community?

"With the intention of providing a sense of belonging to international students and bridging the multicultural gaps between the various communities at FSC, I started the International Student Association on campus. I also had the opportunity to serve as the Vice President for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) chapter at Farmingdale which is one of the most notable civil rights organizations in African American history.

Because of my self-identification in community, it makes me feel whole to be able to find myself in the wonderful and diverse Farmingdale State College. As the late Dr. Martin Luther King puts it: 'Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere'. Hence, to me, the struggles that one faces should be the concern of us all, which is why I devote myself to create a safe and inclusive environment for all no matter their background and social status."

Denice Evans-Shepard
Denice Evans-Shepard
Childhood Education Class of 1986 Executive Director of the Oyster Bay Historical Society CEO and Founder of Whispering Spirit Cultural Tours, LLC.
How do you promote inclusivity and understanding among your peers and/or colleagues?

"I created a business called Whispering Spirit Cultural Tours that enables customers to learn about the historical endeavors African Americans and Indigenous people have contributed upon during settler colonialism on Long Island. These tours educate and inform the community of the positive contributions made by people of color prior, during and post enslavement on Long Island and throughout New York State.

I also promote inclusivity and understanding amongst my peers by offering to serve on a committee in the Oyster Bay School district called I.D.E.A. an acronym for Inclusive, Diverse, Equity and Action. This committee was formed to break down barriers that were present in the school district by encouraging awareness in areas of hiring practices, curriculum development, and student support and engagement by recognizing areas that need to be dismantled or changed for the betterment of all students."


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