Farmingdale State College student Genevieve Paraszczuk, ’25, has it all figured out—she will use her bachelor's degree in Law Enforcement Technology and her minor in Chemistry to pursue her dream of a career in the forensic science field. On the weekends, Paraszczuk plans to apply the knowledge she's gained from her Sport Management degree to a job staging and managing events. 

Very few colleges can offer students such different areas of study, which is why FSC is the school for Paraszczuk. A Hermosa Beach, CA native, she came to the East Coast to be near family and attend another college, which turned out not to be a great fit, and then transferred to FSC during her sophomore year.

“There is so much I like about it here,” Paraszczuk said. “The classes are good, the professors are nice, and people really want to be here, both students and professors.”

Paraszczuk, who lives off campus, was warned that at commuter schools students might not linger after class, but she has witnessed that it’s not like that at FSC. "More people stick around on campus after classes, and there is lots of school spirit.”

Professors in both her major's departments have impressed her. “It’s the level of interest, the experience they have, and they can speak from experience, which is so important,” according to Paraszczuk. “The Sport Management Department has connections with companies and tons of experience you can get with on-campus activities related to your major.”

Paraszczuk’s goal after graduation is to earn an advanced degree in forensic science. She has always been interested in law and solving crimes. Growing up, she read Nancy Drew mysteries and Bobbsey Twins books and watched crime shows with her grandmother. “I realized I liked the science of it," Paraszczuk said. “The evidence never lies; I like the objective truth. I love putting pieces together like a puzzle and hope to be in courtrooms one day as an expert witness.”

Dr. Michelle Miranda, Associate Professor in the Center for Criminal Justice Studies, noted that while Paraszczuk is a hard-working and driven student, she also is encouraging and supportive of her classmates. “She is involved in campus activities, fundraising, and efforts to make her fellow students feel involved and important in their academic community,” Miranda said. “She stands out because she is open to constructive assessments, as she views these as the means to improve upon the quality of her work.”

Her diverse interests and work ethic have impressed Sport Management faculty members as well. “Genevieve is a very good student in class, who takes on other opportunities to learn and apply her learning outside of class.” said Sarbjit Singh, Associate Professor and Chairperson of the Sport Management Department. “We never had anyone with this combination of degrees, so it was interesting to learn about her goals for the future, possibly finding something that lets her tap into both subjects.”

In her short time at FSC, Paraszczuk has already completed a videography internship with the SUNY Stony Brook football team. On campus, she serves as a student tour guide in the Rambassador program, and is scheduled to work as a Student Program Assistant this year. “I brought recruiting materials back to California,” she said. “Everywhere I go, I recommend FSC. 

“Everyone wants to be here and wants you to be here; it’s just so welcoming,” Paraszczuk continued.  “From day one, I felt comfortable here.”