Procedures for Making a Referral to DSC

In order to begin receiving accommodations and services, DSC procedures are as follows: 

  1. DSC staff begin working with a student once they disclose their disability by submitting a Getting to Know You Form.  
  2. After submitting the "Getting to Know You" form to our office, the student will be contacted by a DSC staff member who will likely request that the student submits supporting documentation. This documentation should demonstrate how the disability or medical condition impacts the student in an academic setting.  Please do not accept any documentation directly from a student.  The documentation must be submitted to DSC staff, who will then review it and begin to engage in conversation with the student about reasonable accommodations in the classroom setting.

  3. After a student has met with DSC staff to discuss reasonable accommodations, faculty will be notified via email when accommodations are officially approved for a student in their course.  Faculty may receive an email confirming a student’s accommodations similar to the one below:

    Dear Professor, 

    You are receiving this message from the Disability Services Center (DSC) of Farmingdale State College for the referenced student in your [semester and course number] class. The accommodation(s) [student name] is entitled to is/are [accommodations will be listed here].  

    If your course has timed exams, you may need to make an adjustment in the amount of time the student receives. 

    [Additional details about specific accommodations will be given in the email as well].

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding these accommodations, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

    Thank you for your support and cooperation. 

    The DSC Team

    The DSC website includes further information about our services, procedures, and additional student supports on campus.  Please refer all students who are seeking disability services and accommodations to our website to begin the disclosure and registration process.


Last Modified 8/27/21