MET 405 Dynamics

This course covers rectilinear motion of particles (position, velocity, and acceleration), such as uniform rectilinear motion, uniformly accelerated rectilinear motion, and introduction to motion of several particles. In addition, an introduction to curvilinear motion of particles, as well as kinetics of particles: Newton's second law of motion, principles of work and energy and applications, impulse and momentum theory, and applications of the above topics to engineering problems will be covered in this course. Prerequisite(s): MET 201 and MTH 236 Credits: 3 (3,0)

Topics covered:

  • Review of calculus based analysis techniques 
  • Kinematics of Particles
  • Kinetics of Particles: Newton’s Second Law
  • Kinetics of Particles: Work and Energy
  • Kinetics of Particles: Impulse and Momentum
  • Kinetics of Rigid Bodies: Forces and Acceleration
  • Kinetics of Rigid Bodies: Work and Energy
  • Kinetics of Rigid Bodies: Impulse and Momentum