Collage of images including a laser experiment, hands holding an atomic ball of light and equations in the background.


The Physics department challenges students to critically analyze situations and solve complex problems. Students gain an understanding of the interactions among all forms of matter, energy, and space.

Each student is provided the opportunity to design his/her physics education to meet individual needs and goals. Students pursing science-related or technically oriented degrees can choose courses that align and enhance their degrees.. Studying physics strengthens valuable quantitative and problem-solving skills that are beneficial across many other disciplines.

Recognizing that not all students are pursuing a science-related field of study, the department developed an assortment of specialized physical science courses. Students have the option to explore astronomy, meteorology, acoustics, geology, and the environment. Our courses provide students the opportunity to appreciate science's value to humanity in a technical society.

Students have opportunities to get heavily involved in research investigations as the department conducts research in experimental condensed matter physics, astrophysics, acoustics, nuclear physics and particle physics.

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Physics Department

Lupton Hall, Room 200
Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm


Dr. Lloyd Makarowitz


Linda Rennie
Administrative Assistant 1

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