An affiliation agreement is a written agreement between the College and another entity for purposes of providing an educational opportunity for students in a supervisory situation such as a clinical experience or internship program.  An affiliation agreement is only necessary when a Site requires liability insurance coverage for a student.  

Student affiliation liability insurance is provided to cover students’ negligent acts and omissions that cause personal injury to a third party or property damage while participating in activities of the affiliation at the Site.  This insurance does not cover personal injuries or property damage sustained by students. 

SUNY procures a commercial liability insurance policy to cover the defense and indemnification of students who participate in applied learning experiences in certain academic areas.  This liability policy is intended to cover students who are named as a party in a legal action arising from their participation in a program, namely to pay any judgment or settlement on behalf of students as a result of “bodily injury” or “property damages” attributable to the students and covered by the policy, including payment of associated legal expenses. 

To obtain insurance, the following is required:

  1. The student must receive academic credit or be meeting a course- or program-requirement by participating in the clinical training program;
  2. The experience must be supervised by the Site and coordinated by a faculty member (this does not mean that a faculty member must be on-site);
  3. There must be an Affiliation Agreement in place between the campus and the Site; and
  4. The program must be approved by the insurance company for coverage under the policy (List of Covered Disciplines).

Requesting an Affiliation Agreement

Departments may request an affiliation agreement by filling out the Affiliation Request Form.   Requests should be submitted at least six (6) weeks prior to the intended start date.  Once received, Administrative Services will work with the Site to execute the affiliation agreement and obtain insurance coverage.   Once coverage is in place Administrative Services will notify the department.

Please complete all sections of the form and attach a current course syllabus.  Incomplete forms cannot be processed.

administrative services

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Dorothy Hughes
Assistant Vice President for Administration & Finance