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Technical Communication

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Technical Communication

Earners of this microcredential will demonstrate expertise in the communication of complex information to varied audiences in multiple modes. This microcredential will be of interest to students pursuing the major or minor in professional communication, students pursuing career paths that require communications expertise, and those pursuing more technical areas of study and looking to improve their communication skills.

Admission requirements for application:

Requirements to earn the microcredential:

  • To achieve the Technical Communication microcredential, students will complete 4 required courses totaling 12 credits. This coursework will include PCM 324: Technical Communications (3 credits), PCM 327: Rhetoric and Persuasion (3 credits), PCM 420: Advanced Technical Communications (3 credits), and a choice of either PCM 410: Digital Medial Production (3 credits) or PCM 412: Storytelling with Data (3 credits).
  • Pre-requisite coursework must completed prior to registration for courses in the microcredential. Pre-requisites include: upper division standing or permission of the department for PCM 324, PCM 120 and PCM 201 with a grade of C or higher as pre-requisites to PCM 327, junior level status or permission of the department for PCM 420, and PCM 323 with a grade of C or higher for PCM 410 or PCM 315 and PCM 327 with a grade of C or higher as pre-requisites to PCM 412.
  • Submission of a technical communication portfolio to the coordinator of the microcredential. The portfolio will consist of two papers and/or projects completed in the required courses and a two-page reflection on the technical communications skills and theories attained through the completion of the coursework. The portfolio is not assigned a letter grade; the portfolio is assessed holistically and determined to be pass or fail by the department microcredential coordinator.

Stackable to:

Professional Communications, B.S.

Time to complete:

2 semesters

Cost to attend:

Standard tuition rates apply. For tuition and student consumer information, please click here.

Contact Information


Knapp Hall, Room 235
Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm

Required Introductory Coursework (3 courses, 9 credits)
>PCM 324: Technical Communications 3 Credits
PCM 327: Rhetoric and Persuasion 3 Credits
PCM 420: Advanced Technical Communications 3 Credits
Required Upper Division Coursework - Choose One (1 course, 3 credits)
PCM 410 Digital Media Production OR 3 Credits
PCM 412 Storytelling with Data 3 Credits

PCM 324 Technical Communications

A practicum in which students produce a variety of business oriented and technical documents. This course provides students with a survey of current practices and techniques appropriate to writing for forums, especially for technical journals, newspapers, and magazines. It is also designed to make students proficient at writing professional articles and reports such as new product information sheets, technical correspondence, periodic reports, summaries, process and technical descriptions, instructions and analysis, and to allow students to incorporate graphs, tables and other illustrative matter with textual content. Prerequisite(s): Upper division standing or permission of department chair.

PCM 327 Rhetoric and Persuasion

This course familiarizes students with the theory and practice of rhetoric with a focus on utilizing rhetorical principles in contemporary professional communications settings. Students will construct and defend different types of arguments by determining opportune contexts, styles, and types of proof. They will also analyze arguments made via various media. Prerequisite(s): PCM 201 with a grade of C or higher.

PCM 420 Advanced Technical Communications

Students learn advanced techniques in composing reports, technical papers, oral presentations, business communication, and press releases. Students evaluate classical and contemporary theories of rhetoric and apply them to their own writing as well as the writing of others. Prerequisite(s): Junior level status or permission of department chairperson.

PCM 410 Digital Media Production

This course introduces students to advanced concepts in producing content for various digital media. Emphasis will be placed on the adoption and application of cutting-edge production applications to create customer-facing digital assets. Assignments include TV commercials, videos for social media, and photo essays. Prerequisite(s): Junior level status

PCM 412 Storytelling with Data

In this course students examine and utilize the storytelling power of data. Students will examine the role data plays in communicating information with particular attention paid to professional communication settings. Students will learn to use data as a powerful narrative technique, as well as how to effectively communicate insights to different types of audiences. This is not a course in how to create data visualizations. Prerequisite(s): PCM 315 and PCM 327 with a grade of C or higher

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