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On Wednesday, July 28th the RAM Program hosted the Summer Research Symposium as the conclusion to its 2nd annual Summer Research Institute (SRI). This summer more than 60 scholars participated in the SRI and presented 18 research presentations. The RAM Summer Research Institute is an immersive research experience for RAM Scholars. Through the SRI, students developed an in-depth knowledge on a specific topic, engaged in experimental planning about that topic, and practiced the technical skills required to execute that research plan. 

Special thanks to the following research mentors: 

Dr. Jing Betty Feng (Business Management, FSC); Dr. Michael Fraina (Sports Management, FSC); Dr. Sue Moon (Business Management, FSC); Dr. Peter Park (Bioscience, FSC); Dr. Matthew Fried (Computer Systems, FSC); Dr. Tarik Eltaeib (Computer Security, FSC); Dr. Eddie Davis (Computer Security, FSC); Professor Dylan Gafarian (RAM Program, FSC); Professor Orla LoPiccolo (Architecture and Construction Management Engineering Technology, FSC); Dr. Eugene Kwak (Architecture and Construction Management Engineering Technology, FSC); Dr. Deanna Devlin (Center for Criminal Justice Studies, FSC); Dr. Jaime Hartless (Sociology and Anthropology, FSC); Dr. Doris Taylor (Biology, California Institute of Technology); Dr. Alessandro Bailetti (Biology, Stanford University); Dr. Niambi Brewer (Biology, University of Pennsylvania) and Dr. Lydia Grmai (Biology, Johns Hopkins University)

Below is the list of presentations from the research symposium:

Presentation Title Student Presenters
The Impact of the Unprecedented 2020-2021 Condensed Season on NBA Injuries Brandon Lall, Manuela Mensah, and Shawn Sugranes
Apple Devices Should Be Protected with Two-Factor Authentication Jessica Cavallo
Targeting the Exposed BamA Protein in Bacteria for Effective Antibiotics Kayla Johnson, Dariana Palacios, Ashley Skaria, Aleena Ali, Alma Quijiano
The LGBTQ+ Community’s Perspective on Police Matters: Exploring Differences in Police Attitudes by Sexual Identity Elena Ortiz, Marissa Symington, Gabriela
Cyber Attacks on Our Power System and Smart Grid Brian Fitzgerald
Elucidating the role of GLIS3 on Insulin Production David Rivera, Vanessa Cantos, Wissam Alkhatib, Giovanni Lopez, Rahim Khan, and Rachell Rivera
Machine Learning in 5G Wireless Networks, Potential Future Issues? Michael Stojanowski
Securing the Nation's Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Norma Rodriguez
What is the Most Sustainable Construction Material Today - Wood or Concrete? Katherine Bonilla and Bryan Mendez
Importance of Educating Students on Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes Faaiza Naeem
Are Machine Learning Methods the Most Efficient Way to Detect Cybersecurity Attacks and Defend Against Them? Prasun Dutta Gupta
The Role of DPP4 cells in Type 2 Diabetes Gisela Henriquez, Wajiha Nawaz, Charanjit Singh, Syeda Kamzi, Amina Sadiq, and Alia Quadri.
From Species Occurrence Maps to Migration Tracking: Locating Fish Species in NYC's East River Strait Jake Sokol, Matthew DeMilt, Alia Kazmi, Luis Rodriguez
Gamification of Collegiate Education Onur Demir, Alyssa Jimenez, Matt Smith, Donny Santiago, and Kelly Martinez
The Initial Cost of Geothermal vs. Annual Saving…Does It Pay Off? Jaskaran Singh and Henry Rivera
Teaching Cybersecurity Skills in High Schools Justin Herman
Cyberwarfare and Ideas for Enforcement Christopher Klarides
How A.I. and Cybersecurity Bolster Communication Networks Aris Pierre-Louis
Exploring the Potential Role of Temperature in Growth of Black Sea Bass Morgan Callahan, Tanzina Haque, Midha Sabir, Janie Santana


Congratulations to all the students and research mentors for a successful and productive summer!