Respected Community Organization Formalizes, Expands On-Campus Student Support 

Already a respected and comforting fixture on Farmingdale State College’s (FSC) campus, the Suffolk County Crime Victims Center (CVC) has formalized its commitment to the FSC campus community with a memorandum of understanding (MOU). 

This declaration of mutual goals will expand student services and educational programs, including comprehensive crime victim support services.  The first application of the MOU began at freshmen orientation this summer with supported programs presented by the Dean of Student’s office, which are designed to increase awareness about sexual assault, sexual violence, domestic violence, and other unsafe behavior. 

Starting with the Fall 2023 semester, evidence-based prevention education services are also scheduled to be integrated into campus events, as well as regularly presented on their own.   

While the CVC has been a presence on campus for the past six years, the MOU means CVC Prevention Educators will be more visible at FSC, to serve as resources. “CVC is a regional powerhouse,” said Frank Rampello, Dean of Students. “They already offer FSC students remarkable support services. The best thing is having that kind of talent on campus regularly.”   

A Ronkonkoma-based not-for-profit, CVC provides vital support services, information, and multi-agency service referrals for assistance to all victims of violent crime, all victims of hate crime, and elderly and minor victims, and victims with disabilities, of all crime. 

According to CVC Executive Director Laura Ahearn, “This partnership provides students with evidence-based prevention education programs and offers them access to off-campus trauma-informed comprehensive advocacy services including 24-hour crisis intervention, legal assistance including filing for orders of protection and an Advisor of Choice, free counseling, court and medical accompaniment, and much more.”

“This MOU means an open, working relationship between Farmingdale and the CVC and greater resources for our students,” said Kathleen Flynn, Title IX Coordinator. “It is empowering. We are teaching students how to help themselves and how to support others.”  

Flynn will work closely with Elizabeth Dysart from the CVC, who has extensive experience as an educator in her role as the Prevention Educator for Colleges and Universities.   

One of the most gratifying parts of the partnership is the focus on prevention, according to Rampello. “This is a powerful partnership to promote student rights and provide them with tools," he said. “And to know how to intervene and stop sexual violence in its tracks.”   

For more information on Title IX at FSC please visit the Title IX at FSC webpage