Nearly half the adult students enrolled in undergraduate higher education today are known as "post -traditional" students. Their numbers are increasing every day, as adults are returning to college in record numbers.

That's why SUNY is hosting a Virtual SUNY Adult-Learner College Fair Wednesday, July 29, featuring webinars by Farmingdale State College and five other SUNY downstate colleges. The event runs
11 a.m. – 1 p.m., and again from 4 – 6 p.m.

Other participating schools include Nassau and Suffolk County Community Colleges; SUNY Old Westbury; SUNY Empire State College; and Maritime College.

This community outreach program is for both returning students, and adults considering college for the first time. Specifically created for this population, the fair includes assistance, information, and advice on:

• Financial Aid
• Admissions
• Transfer credits
• Online learning
• Veterans services
• Programs for adults who are not "college ready"
• Prior learning
• Scholarships

Long Island EOC will be available for those who need special preparation to achieve their academic goals.

Additional information is available at 934-420-2733,

"Adults are returning to school in record numbers," says Judi Cestaro, Farmingdale's Director of Transfer Services. "Some are beginning their college career as an undergraduate, some are returning to complete what they started as an 18-20 year old, and others are seeking further training as the demand for higher-skilled workers rises. The one common thread among them is that they are terrified. This program is designed to alleviate their concerns.

"I meet with so many adults who wish to pursue a degree or complete one, and don't know where to begin. We're hosting this college fair just for them."

Farmingdale State College offers a variety of courses in business, engineering technology, and health sciences, which can assist adult-learners obtain their degrees or enhance their credentials for career advancement. For more information, click here.