Farmingdale State College and Nassau Community College Announce Expansive Joint Admissions Program

Farmingdale State College and Nassau Community College have announced a major joint admissions program that will significantly ease the pathway to a baccalaureate degree for Nassau Community College students. It is the largest-ever agreement between the two schools.

The program begins with the fall 2019 semester.

Nassau sent 329 students to Farmingdale last fall, representing nearly 24% of all transfer students. That places Nassau as the second largest feeder school for transfers to Farmingdale.

Nassau students with any one of 16 related Associate degrees will have access to 13 Farmingdale four-year BS degrees. The Bachelor degrees are Applied Economics; Applied Mathematics; Business Management; Bioscience; Computer Programming and Information Systems; Health Promotion and Wellness; Nutrition Science; Professional Communications; Science, Technology and Society; Sport Management; Criminal Justice: Police, Courts and Corrections; Electrical Engineering Technology; and Geographic Information Systems.

"Farmingdale State College and Nassau Community College have long worked together in the interests of our students and this agreement reinforces that strong relationship," said Farmingdale President Dr. John Nader. "We look forward to making them feel at home."

"This joint admissions program provides significant convenience for Nassau Community College students, many of whom are attracted to the baccalaureate programs at Farmingdale State College," added Nassau President Dr. Hubert Keen. "We are pleased to collaborate with Farmingdale on behalf of our students."

The program is open to Nassau Community College applicants who will be first-time, matriculated freshmen; transfers to Nassau with fewer than 24 credits from any accredited institution; or current matriculated Nassau students who applied to the Joint Admissions Program prior to completing 24 credits.

Nassau students admitted to the program will have access to grants and scholarships based on their academic profile, GPA, program of study, and level of need.

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Last Modified 4/3/20