Farmingdale State College Receives $400,000 from Regional Economic Development Council

Farmingdale State College has been awarded $400,000 by the Regional Economic Development Council (REDC), as a key component of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo's transformative approach to state investment and economic development.

The grant was the second largest given to a public college on Long Island.

The "Emerging Technologies in Undergraduate Education at Farmingdale State College" grant includes web streaming technology, and the acquisition of virtual reality / augmented reality – a.k.a. mixed reality – equipment.

FSC visual communications professors will be experimenting with, and testing, virtual reality technologies such as Oculus Rift (Facebook), HoloLens (Microsoft), and iMotion. The funding will also help answer questions like "how does mixed reality impact the learning objectives of tomorrow's classroom?", "how do we prepare students when AR/VR technologies enter the workplace?", and "how do interaction designers design new mixed realty experiences that solve human problems?"

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Last Modified 3/6/20