Farmingdale State College Ranks High as a "Most Affordable College" has ranked Farmingdale State College #29 in its new Top 100 list of the "Most Affordable Universities/Colleges in America." It is the latest higher education ranking group to identify the College for both its dollar value and program excellence.

An excerpt from website states:

"Check out Farmingdale State, which would even impress Goldilocks with its balance of attributes. Its manicured, 380-acre campus is located on Long Island, offering students a spacious home that's just an hour from the hustle and bustle of NYC. Undergrad enrollment...for many is "not too big, not too small." Admittedly, FSU's list of roughly 40 academic programs might seem short compared to some other affordable, accredited universities on this ranking. But to others, it represents a comprehensive – yet not overwhelming – selection."

Farmingdale's Bachelor of Nursing degree was also ranked, coming in at #9 among the Top 50 programs in the U.S. The website says "Farmingdale State College is one of the best nursing schools for students who value the social side of healthcare as much as the scientific."

Finally, the College ranked #32 among the Top 50 most affordable schools in the state. About Farmingdale, the site said: "Of all the affordable colleges in NYC, upstate, and everywhere in between, Farmingdale is the go-to choice for technical and vocational training."

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Last Modified 3/6/20