Gene Haas Foundation Gives Scholarships Gift to Farmingdale State College

The Gene Haas Foundation has donated $10,000 to the Farmingdale College Foundation for scholarships for students in the Manufacturing Engineering Technology program at Farmingdale State College.

The Gene Haas Foundation was founded by its namesake in 1999, to focus on manufacturing education in the form of scholarships for CNC machinist training. More than 4,000 charitable organizations and educational institutions have received funds totaling over $50 million from the Foundation.

"American manufacturing businesses are struggling to find new young machinists. This is due to a skills gap caused by an unmet need for advanced technical education, such as that which is provided by schools like Farmingdale State College," says Martin McGill, vice president, Haas Factory Outlet, a Division of Allendale Machinery Systems. The outlet is located in Bohemia.

"Allendale Machinery supports the steps being taken by Farmingdale State College to address the need for an expansion of its educational program in manufacturing that will help to bridge this gap. A grant from the Gene Haas Foundation will provide significant and vital support to ensure the lasting success of an industry that so positively impacts the American economy and people."

Gene Haas is the owner Haas Automation, Inc., a billion-dollar company that is America's leading builder of CNC machine tools. Haas Factory Outlet - a division of Allendale Machinery Systems, Inc. - is a distributor for Haas Automation, Inc.

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Last Modified 1/23/20