Smart Energy House Gets Its Energy Audit

Would Farmingdale State College's Smart Energy House pass an energy audit?

Recently, officials gathered at the Smart Energy House on campus to learn the results of two energy audits performed.

The 2,000 square foot, three bedroom Smart Energy House was built in 2011 and demonstrates the integration of Solar PV for electrical and Solar Thermal for heating and hot water. Other features of the house include automated Venetian blinds controlled by sunlight and temperature, a charging station for an electric car, 20 solar panels, and a "Wiser" system that controls equipment to conserve energy, smart plugs and programmable thermostats.

Jay Best of Green Audit USA pointed out that the focus on high technology efficiencies often results in neglecting some of the basics.

Greg Webster of Radiant Insulation estimated that the insulation would improve the house's efficiency by a minimum of 20%.

The energy audit resulted from a collaboration between FSC's Renewable Energy & Sustainability Center (RESC), CDCLI (Community Development Corporation of Long Island), and the Sustainability Institute at Molloy College.

According to Professor Marjaneh Issapour, Director of Farmingdale's RESC, "These energy audits confirm that even smart energy houses can be made more efficient. We hope this will remind the community that free audits are available to renters and homeowners alike through the Long Island Green Homes Initiative.  And I would like to remind everyone about how easy it is to save money and reduce your carbon footprint. Everything we have installed in the Smart Energy House can be easily purchased, making your home more comfortable while saving money."

Sustainability Institute Director NealLewis said, "The Sustainability Institute and CDCLI are proud to partner with Farmingdale State College in promoting the Long Island Green Homes Initiative. The results of the Smart Energy House audit demonstrate that almost every home on Long Island can benefit from a free home energy audit. Chances are very good that your home, which may have been constructed with inadequate insulation and may have old and inefficient heating or air-conditioning systems, could be improved. We hope that this demonstration encourages more Long Islanders to participate in Long Island Green Homes."

Once the insulation has been installed in Farmingdale's Smart Energy House (which is open for tours by calling 934-420-5175 or signing up here), Green Audit USA and Radiant Insulation have agreed to return to test the house.

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Last Modified 4/6/20