Jeffrey Carter Named Environmental Health & Safety Officer at Farmingdale State

“Farmingdale State College has a legacy of environmental stewardship, from its founding in 1912 as an agricultural college,” said President W. Hubert Keen. “Jeffrey Carter can play an important role in continuing that legacy and adapting new knowledge and technology to assure we have a safe environment. As we say around here, Green Then; Green Now.”

Carter has a Master of Professional Studies from Stony Brook University, and a BA from the University of Rhode Island.  After getting his bachelor’s degree, he worked 6 years in the private sector, supervising environmental waste management operations, conducting training seminars, and serving as an environmental consultant to client firms. He developed chemical inventory systems and oversaw projects including monitoring groundwater installations, conducting environmental compliance audits, and supervising mercury decontamination and remediation. 

Before coming to Farmingdale, Carter was Manager of Hazardous Waste at Stony Brook University for five years, administering and managing all aspects of the university’s hazardous waste program, including waste from its hospital and research labs.  He also trained with the National Domestic Preparedness Coalition doing table-top and other emergency and security exercises, earning membership status with that organization.   

In his new position at Farmingdale, Carter is responsible for the campus’ compliance with all environmental health and safety regulations issued by every level of government from federal to local, and for providing technical support, when needed, to first responders.  He is also responsible for keeping faculty and staff trained and current in the safe handling of all potentially hazardous materials, and conducts regular surveys and inspections to enhance compliance with all environmental health and safety regulations.  He is a resident of Massapequa Park. 

“Frankly, I love my job and look forward to making Farmingdale State College an even safer campus than it is now,” said Carter.  “Call me a tree-hugger, but keeping the environment safe for all of our children is my priority.” 

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Last Modified 1/23/20