Native American Heritage Month provides us with a unique opportunity to honor and learn more about the rich cultural tapestry and historical contributions of Native Americans throughout history.  Notably, it is a time for reflection, appreciation, and a call to action to deepen our understanding of Indigenous peoples.  

Native American Heritage Month, observed annually throughout the month of November, serves as a reminder of the enduring legacy and resilience of the Indigenous peoples who have shaped and continue to shape the diverse landscapes of our nation. It offers us a chance to recognize and appreciate the profound impact Native Americans have had and continue to on various aspects of our society, including art, language, spirituality, literature, and environmental stewardship.  

Education and Awareness:

This is the perfect time to educate yourself respecting the history, traditions, and contemporary issues faced by Native Americans. Engage with literature, documentaries, and resources that provide accurate and diverse perspectives. Feel free to take a look at our November book collection focused on Native American Culture. 

Attend Cultural Events:

Seek out events here on campus, local communities, workshops, and lectures organized by FSC or your local Native American Organizations.  These gatherings offer an opportunity to experience traditional music, dance, storytelling, and art forms that are integral to Native American culture.  

Support Indigenous Businesses and Artists: 

Explore and support Native American-owned businesses and artists through purchasing their products or attending their exhibitions, in turn contributing to the preservation and empowerment of Indigenous communities.  

Volunteer and Advocate:

Seek opportunities to engage with Indigenous communities through volunteer work or advocacy initiatives. Collaborate with local organizations to address issues such as education, healthcare, land rights, and cultural preservation.  

Native American Heritage Month is not just a time to celebrate; it should inspire us to take action throughout the year.  Likewise, fostering an environment of inclusivity, respect, and cultural exchange, we bestow a brighter future that recognizes the invaluable contributions and rights of Native American peoples.