Ira Gerald

Dr. Ira Gerald is a native of New York.  He is an educator whose twenty years of teaching experience span from pre-school to post-graduate classes.  Dr. Gerald is an award-winning school administrator. While serving as the Principal of the Graham elementary Magnet school for Math and Science (Mount Vernon, NY) the school was recognized as one the 100 most improved schools in the state of New York.  He is a respected lecturer, author, educational theorist, and Life/Success coach with a Baccalaureate and Master’s degree in Public Administration from John Jay College, a second Master’s degree in Elementary Education from C.W. Post College, and a Doctoral degree in Educational Administration and Technology from Dowling College.

Working in the Cooperative Education department at the LaGuardia College was a very rewarding experience. During his tenure there he authored “Write Your Own Plan for Success: A Personal Guide for Professional Development” which was used as the textbook for the course, CPE 101. In addition, while serving as an Adjunct professor he was responsible for developing and coordinating over 1000 Professional  Internships for his students.  Dr. Gerald also served as the Director of Co-Curricular activities where he worked extensively with the LGBTQIA community to insure civility and respect among students and staff at LaGuardia Community College.

Dr. Gerald’s passion for education and bettering the lives of students and life-long learners has motivated him to create the Ira Gerald, LLC (DBA-Train to Attain) with the intent to train educators and public servants to attain excellence in the workplace and in their personal lives.  Although, formally retired from public education this new adventure has led him to work full time as a consultant and trainer in various organizations and colleges.  Helping others achieve an optimum life and being an inspiration to those who they serve has been very rewarding.

Dr. Gerald offers a wealth of experience in teaching, training, and research.  He is described by many as being an inspirational motivator whose teaching and training is nothing less than life-changing.