In recognition of each award recipient's outstanding leadership and efforts in addressing and raising awareness respecting issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion, we would like to highlight their effective and influential accomplishments below:

  • Henry Chalco-Torres: recently participated in the inaugural 2023 EOP Student Leadership Development Conference and was an EOP Peer Advisor for the 2023 EOP Summer Bridge Program. As a Peer Advisor to incoming first-year EOP students, Henry assists EOP students during evening study hours toward the completion of academic assignments and provides creative and safe entertainment options for evening on-campus activities during the summer bridge program. In addition, Henry has volunteered at his local church, assisting with outreach programs and mass bi-weekly.
  • Aaliyah Green: Prior to attending Farmingdale State College, Aaliyah secured an internship with the Long Island Coalition Against Bullying (LICAB). Aaliyah’s passion for social justice has allowed her to advance within the organization while expanding her teamwork, data management, and networking skills. She now serves as Secretary on LICAB’s Youth Board. In addition, Aaliyah works full-time in healthcare administration in order to pay for her education. Aaliyah is highly engaged on campus and maintains a work-study position in the Nexus Center. Despite her many hours of work and battling health issues, her strong organizational and time management skills help her continue to maintain a high GPA.
  • Leslie Rodriguez: is a strong leader at FSC with a passion for inclusivity. Over the last year, Leslie was among one of the key individuals in bringing LASO (Latin American Student Organization) to life. Through their tireless efforts, they have promoted diversity, encouraged dialogue, and created a platform for celebrating the rich tapestry of the Farmingdale Latino community. In the first year of LASO, Leslie led the organization through more than 10 wildly successful events. She also secured LASO's place among one of the best student organizations for diversity by nearly tripling club involvement from year one to year two with over 50 new sign-ups at this year's club fair! 
  • Juliet Jordan: is the type of student who recognizes needs and advocates for solutions. She is the Founder and President of the Disability Coalition Club at FSC. Because navigating Farmingdale’s campus in a wheelchair produced several challenges throughout her academic career, she has advocated for more inclusive physical conditions with accessible parking, efficient snow removal, and smoother pathways. Juliet also spearheaded the “Staircase Project” to raise awareness of campus buildings without elevators that may prevent students with mobility challenges from accessing various floors. Additionally, she is currently petitioning for FSC to offer an American Sign Language course and provide this option as a substitute to the Foreign Language 
  • Tamiya Gordon: is currently studying Medical Laboratory Science at Farmingdale State College and is an active member of the CSTEP program on campus. For the last 2 years, Tamiya has worked with the CSTEP program and the Long Island Coalition for the Homeless to restock their pantries and help families in need. Thanks to Tamiya’s efforts, an annual donation drive takes place every year. Donations of toiletries and non-perishables food items are collected. Tamiya’s selfless efforts are helping both the Farmingdale State College community as well as the larger Long Island community.
  • Destini Buchanan: Despite only migrating from Jamaica about four years ago in 2019, Destini is majoring in Bioscience to become a physician.  She is also pursuing a minor in Business Management and a certification in Cannabis Production and Management. Destini was recently elected President of the Student Government Association (SGA). She was Vice President of the SGA for two years, Secretary of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), and Vice President of the Afro-Caribbean Club on campus. In addition to TRIO, Destini is also a member of the Pre-Health Professions Club and the college’s Multicultural Committee. Destini volunteers as a Crisis Hotline Counselor, previously worked as a Medical Scribe, and currently works as a Certified Medical Assistant. Destini accomplishes all of this while maintaining all campus responsibilities and studying for the MCAT exam.
  • Oscar Bonilla: is a dedicated, hardworking student who has been committed to making a difference at Farmingdale State College. Oscar is an Electrical Engineering Technology major with an Applied Mathematics minor, a member of the RAM program, C-STEP, as well as the Tutoring Center as an Electrical Engineering Tutor . Regardless of what organization or what program Oscar is representing he always leads with integrity and kindness! Oscar was recently a Peer Leader for the RAM Program's Summer Kick-Off.  He seeks to aid students who may not have the resources and support that he too didn't have. Oscar is without fail one of the best Peer Leaders and was voted as "most welcoming" by the incoming students! Oscar is dedicated to the advancement of first-generation and historically minoritized students. Oscar continues to push the community for first-generation college students within the RAM Program. He has taken many internship opportunities to increase his knowledge in the field, such as interning at Brookhaven National Lab in various roles. Along with participating in internships, Oscar is a solid student leader who has helped establish meaningful experiences for his fellow students. He is presently a Senator in the Student Government Association and a Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Oscar strives to create an inclusive campus environment and provide opportunities for diverse student populations, specifically Hispanic students. For example, he is the founder and President of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. This organization is dedicated to empowering and supporting traditionally underrepresented students pursuing careers in engineering and related fields. No matter where Oscar is, he is a dependable, trustworthy friend to his peers. Above all, Oscar is incredibly warm and kind, making people feel better in his presence.