Throughout the month of July, the focus of Disability Pride Month is to promote disability awareness and recognize the adversity that the community experiences and navigates in today's modern day society.  With this knowledge, our purpose is to continue paving the way for equality, inclusion, acceptance, and empowering the disabled community through their unique inspirational journeys.  With each diverse gift, comes powerful assets that lead to multifaceted opportunities.  

Understanding the history of disability rights in the United States lends to greater acceptance and an increased range of support for this exceptional community of people to continue to thrive.  

July 26: National Disability Independence Day
The Americans with Disabilities Act was passed on this date in 1990 to create the first equality declaration for Americans living with a disability. It prohibits discrimination by both state and local governments and sets important accessibility standards for public places. Additionally, it helps protect these individuals from discrimination in the workplace.

Featured Disability Pride Month events, recommended books, and movies can be found through the DC Public Library.

Another informative site to review is the National Disability Rights Network that protects and advocates for individuals with disabilities.  Further, the institution's goal is to provide training, technical assistance, and advocate for laws protecting the civil and human rights of all people with disabilities.

At Farmingdale State College, the Disability Services Center is designed to meet the unique educational needs of currently enrolled students with documented permanent/ temporary disabilities or disabling medical conditions.  

Registering With The DSC!

The Disability Services Center (DSC) is dedicated to the principle that equal opportunity be afforded each student to realize his/her fullest potential. The goal is to assist students with disabilities to function as independently as possible, and to ensure a comprehensively accessible college experience where individuals with disabilities have the same access to programs, opportunities and activities as all other students at the college.