Starting his second term as Farmingdale State College’s Student Government Association (SGA) president for 2022-23, Jake Iaccino’s political and personal goals remain the same: include everyone.

I want to engage the student body more across the board,” said Iaccino, “I want programs grounded in advocacy.”  

A senior professional communications major from Melville, Iaccino, who is gay, said he plans to form strong partnerships with campus groups and the administration and ensure everyone on campus is represented. One of his goals is to schedule more town-hall meetings with administrators to give students the chance to ask questions and bring up concerns.

Students lost so much socializing time during the pandemic that Iaccino is proposing restoring common hours to the college schedule. Eliminated during the pandemic, the common hours were class-free periods on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:45 a.m. to 12:05 p.m. for club meetings, events, and downtime. “I want to make sure everyone has time for a break,” Iaccino said. He would like to have a common hour daily.

With restrictions on campus gatherings lifted, student organizations are springing back and Iaccino said he is grateful the FSC Pride Club is operating again and gaining members. “I’m happy it’s more active and we’re having more events and meetings, it adds to the sense of safety and hope.” Several gay and transgender faculty members on campus also serve as support for students, he added. “Dr. Travis W. Holloway, Dr. Christine Freaney, and Dr. Anthony M. Teets are a few of the many Queer professors who have played a consequential role in my academic journey." 

Iaccino, who called his own coming out a process, said he was grateful for the love and support he received from family and friends. “I’m out and proud.”

In keeping with the inclusion theme, the SGA presented the college with rainbow-decorated benches that were installed outside of Knapp Hall. Plans also call for painting a Pride crosswalk on campus.

The FSC Pride Club will be holding bi-weekly meetings in the Fall. Visit their page on Ram Central or follow them on social media.

Instagram: @FSCPride