Congratulations to the Liberty Partnerships Program's (LPP) 100th Edition of their resourceful and delightful Funny Papers!  Since the beginning of the Pandemic, the LPP pre-collegiate students introduced this newsletter as a method of connecting to the nursing home that they typically provided in-person community service at.  With the support and guidance of Bea Polaski, High School and Family Engagement Coordinator, the students have enthusiastically and successfully interacted with members of the community through creating weekly Funny Papers.  Farmingdale State College is proud of their dedication, commitment, and exceptional accomplishment!

LPP is a New York State Education Program that offers comprehensive pre-collegiate/dropout prevention services to students in grade 5-12. The Farmingdale State College LPP engages students year-round in a multitude of services which increases their motivation and ability to maintain and transition through high school graduation, prepare for competitive admissions into college and be ready for the rigors of the workforce.

For more information pertaining to the Liberty Partnerships Program (LPP), please visit the website here.