Emily Rustrian-Henriquez grew up in a household of seven. She is a first generation 4-year college student graduating in the Spring of 2024 with a bachelor's degree in business management as well as a minor in professional communications. 

Emily said, “I was your typical honor roll student growing up and when I got to college, I decided on a major in Business Management as I had an understanding of the many courses that were offered to explore career choices. At first, I wanted to be a veterinarian growing up, then I wanted to be a lawyer, and at the end of high school I wanted to be a human resource manager. When I got to college, I took my first marketing class and was interested in that field and decided that was the specialization I wanted to pursue. I knew I always wanted to help people in some way shape or form, but I also knew that I wanted to express my creativity and be able to create a message, product or service to sell. It wasn’t until my internship at L’Oréal where I truly discovered where my career path was set and how my experiences have set me up for this. Internships are an invaluable resource for students.  

This Summer 2023 she had an amazing opportunity to intern at the number one beauty tech company in the world, L’Oréal! Emily said, “Coming to my final years at FSC, I was told that I needed at least one internship before graduation. The thought and even the word internship scared me. Until I met Lisa Lubrano. Her story inspired me, it gave me relief that internships are not all so scary as they sound. Shortly after her introduction, I reached out to meet with her to begin working on my resume. When I was asked what my interests were, the first thing that came to mind was beauty and change. The first company that came to mind was L’Oréal. I knew that this company was big but was determined to get my foot in the door one way or another. This was the only internship I applied for and I didn't even think to look at local or smaller companies. As I dug deeper into researching the company. I realized that L’Oréal had been a part of my life forever.” 

From the nail polishes she would play around with in her mom's closet, to my first ever mascara, to the makeup products on the target shelves, to the skin care routine she had lined up in her bathroom, led her to her interest in her internship at L’Oréal. With amazing news, Emily said, “Upon graduation in September of 2024, I will be returning to L’Oréal in a full time role as a Sales Management Trainee. L’Oréal’s mission is to create the beauty that moves the world and that is the goal that I have for my future and career.” 

Emily’s success story is a great example of how an internship can help to reach your dreams! Lisa Lubrano, our internship coordinator is always happy to help students find the internship of their dreams.