A Farmingdale State College student has been accepted into the New York State Senate 2024 Undergraduate Session Assistants Internship Program. Business Management major Cassandra Zaneski leaves this week to spend the Spring 2024 semester in Albany working with their assigned state senator in the New York State Capitol building. She will participate in a comprehensive orientation over several days in preparation for their work as New York State Senate intern.  

Cassandra says, “Being part of New York State's government process [will] be the opportunity of a lifetime for me.” 

This long-standing internship program run by the state offers an immersive experiential learning component and a rigorous academic learning component. Students from all over New York State apply and compete for 30 intern openings. Students who are accepted receive a stipend of $8,800 for the semester. Cassandra and Liam have earned their acceptance and are ready to get to work and to represent Farmingdale State College in Albany!  

Ms. Cassandra Zaneski is a highly accomplished and outstanding student in her junior year of study as a Business Management major. She is also pursuing an academic minor in Legal Studies. Cassandra is a creative person who brings that creativity to solving problems. Her academic achievements are evident by her superb overall GPA of 3.79. In recognition of her academic success, Cassandra has earned placement on the Dean’s List and President’s list at Farmingdale State College. She shared with me that she takes her coursework and academic obligations very seriously and is committed to doing the best she can in each course. Cassandra says, “"I want to make a difference in the office that I might be assigned to.  By collaborating with a New York State Senator, their office staff and other interns, I will be able to connect with new people in a professional and exciting setting."  

It is a pleasure working with Cassandra as a student. Lecturer Mary Catherine Clifford can attest to her dedication, her diligence and her fortitude. Cassandra was consistently one of the first students to arrive to her 8:00am class for each session throughout that semester! Cassandra was an active participant in class. She asked relevant questions and shared insights which often encouraged others to participate in response. Given the early start time, getting students to interact is not easy, but she demonstrated leadership skills by expressing her thoughts and Dr. Clifford can definitively say her actions enhanced the classroom experience for all students. This active approach in the classroom enabled her to showcase strong verbal communication skills. Cassandra continues to achieve goals in her undergraduate studies and does so while working to contribute to the financial obligations of her education. She has been employed in the food industry working long hours under fast-paced conditions. Cassandra has learned how important it is to listen to customers and make every effort to meet their needs. She has sharpened her interpersonal skills. Through this employment experience, she will bring these skills to her role as an Assembly Session Intern, which she has luckily enough been selected. Cassandra has very strong writing skills as is evident by the writing sample she attached to her application. I know that she can make significant contributions to the academic component of the internship and will tackle the required research paper with enthusiasm. Cassandra shared with Dr. Clifford that she plans to attend law school one day. She understands how valuable the Undergraduate Session Assistants Internship experience will be for those plans. Cassandra realizes that the opportunity to learn about state government and the legislative process will give her insight into an area of law that impacts individuals and businesses alike. Simply put, this internship experience will make her a better law student. She says, "Hands on work with the Senate opens an insight into law and government functionality that otherwise would be unreachable."  

Cassandra has already completed several law courses at Farmingdale State College and believes her understanding of the court structure and the litigation process will help her contribute to the Undergraduate Session Assistants Internship program in meaningful ways.  

This internship is a valuable opportunity to learn about the state government and the legislative process. Congratulations to Cassandra! If you want to be involved in this specific internship,