NSC Results 

Despite all odds FSC Junior Jacob Moskowitz placed 1st overall at the NCSC. In addition, he won a cash award of $2000. “Jacob really deserves this. He worked incredibly hard and practiced countless hours. For him to beat out all these students who come from colleges that have such robust Sales Programs is a great accomplishment”, stated Professor Polizzi. As a result, Jacob and his teammates were invited to the National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC) at Kennesaw State University in Atlanta, GA in March 2024. This event is known as the “Super Bowl” of Sales Competitions. This NCSC includes 144 student competitors from across the world. “All of the credit for this accomplishment goes to my team. Muhammad, Stylianos, and Professor Polizzi gave me tremendous support during the event”, Jacob said. “The real win for me was that I have now found my career path. I am confident that Professional Sales is the career I want to pursue. I recommend everyone take at least one sales class while at FSC. Professor Polizzi makes it fun and connects you to tremendous events and opportunities.” 

The NSC 

The NSC was a 3-day collegiate sales competition that invited 25 colleges. It is hosted by William Paterson University located in Wayne, NJ and was held 11/13/23 – 11/15/23. Students that competed in this event came from colleges that have had sales programs for over a decade. Examples include Penn State, Florida State, Utah State, Texas A&M, University of North Carolina, Perdue, as well as universities from Canada and Hong King. FSC was invited as a rookie school as the Fall 2023 semester was the first semester the sales team came into existence.  


The Competitive Events 

Each participating college brings 2 students. 50 students competed in the challenge that involves both role play and speed sell competition. The role play competition consists of 4 rounds in which students must avoid elimination. In each round, students are involved in a 15-minute role play in which they play the role of the seller and company representatives of the buyer. Students sell a real product that belongs to a real company. Judges of the event consist of sales managers and recruiters from large corporate organizations. The speed sell is a 2-minute sales pitch given to a corporate executive in which they must explain why they are the best candidate to be hired as a sales representative. Each student must perform the pitch 5 times. Each time it is delivered to a different corporate executive. The NSC also includes a 2-day career fair exclusive to the student competitors. The two events and career fair create a tremendous networking opportunity for students. Many of the competitors receive internships and full-time job offers shortly after the event. 

FSC Professional Sales Team 

The FSC competitor team that headed to the NSC consisted of Senior Muhammad Sawar and Junior Jacob Moskowitz. Senior Stylianos Floropoulos also attended as an alternate. The coach of the team is Adjunct Professor Marty Polizzi. Professor Polizzi had a 3-decade corporate career as a Sales Training Manager. The team practiced for the event from June 2023 to November 2023.  
For those that are interested in learning more about Professional Sales classes at Farmingdale State College please contact Professor Polizzi and .