The goal of the New York State Business Plan Competition is to encourage student entrepreneurs to self-identify and provide them with tools and resources to develop their fledgling ventures. All will receive entrepreneurial development support; up to twelve will receive cash awards and the opportunity to compete for larger prizes at the statewide level. Students compete at the Campus finals level for an opportunity to advance to the Long Island Regional Competition where they compete against students from NYIT, SUNY Old Westbury, Stony Brook University, Adelphi, and Hofstra. 

This year we had 6 companies compete at the Farmingdale campus-wide level including Rosy Cheeks, A Spray Away Survival Program, TangYuan, Cube V, Eco Chamber, and Cap Haitien. Cube V with Steve Merkouris and Jake Miller took first place, while A Spray Away Survival Program with Amanda Rebello took second place, and Esther Sherry with Eco Chamber took third place. All three of these teams moved on to the Long Island Regional competition along with runner up Julia Seitz with Rosy Cheeks. 

At the Long Island Regional Competition Jake and Steve with Cube V made their way to the state level competition. The winners spoke about their experiences with the New York State Business Competition. Steve said, “For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be an entrepreneur. After coming across a flyer about the NYBPC, I couldn't help but look into it. With the help of my brother, Jake Miller, and others within the business community, Jake and I began looking into changing the morning experience. Eventually, we came up with the idea for Cube V. Cube V transcends the alarm clock industry by delivering a more beneficial morning experience for young adults that struggle with waking up, by utilizing all five senses, unlike other alarm clocks. With our idea, we were able to advance through Rounds 1 and 2 of the NYBPC, and move on to the statewide competition, where we fell just short. Although we don't have a trophy to show for our efforts, the knowledge and skills we picked up along the way will stay with us for years to come. This has been an experience I am extremely grateful for and can't thank everyone enough at Farmingdale who helped us pursue our lifelong dreams! Cube V is just getting started and we can't wait to see where this goes!” 

Jake said, “My experience participating in the NYBPC has been one to remember for the rest of my life. For the most part I have struggled with presenting in front of a crowd and this experience really threw me out of my comfort zone for the best. Steve and I have always dreamed of creating an idea/product and showing the world its benefits. From watching Shark Tank every day to participating in a business plan competition pretty similar was amazing to say the least. Being able to make it all the way to the state level was something we both are very proud of, although this is just the beginning for Cube V. Steve and I wanted to revolutionize the alarm clock industry by delivering a more beneficial morning experience for people that struggle with waking up but utilizing all five senses in the product. We found that focusing more on the habit and routine of waking up is even more important than the product itself. All of our achievements would not be possible without the help of the Farmingdale Small Business Development Center.” 

While Cube V did not win, we are still very proud of all they and their peers have accomplished in all rounds of the New York Business Plan Competition. We hope to see both old and new faces at the next NYBPC soon!