NYBPC Workshops: Dean's Conference Room, 11AM-12PM: 
October 19th- Dr. Tesfa 
October 31st- Professor Polizzi 
November 2nd- Professor Polizzi 
November 16th- Dr. Tesfa 
December 7th- Dr.Tesfa 

Research Colloquias:

October 24th- Dr. Sung Son: Sport Rebranding: The Evolution of Sport Team Logos​
November 28th- Prof. Michael Mastermaker: Sketching Blended Experiences

Room BUSC 124 & Teams, 11AM-12PM (Contact Lisa Lubrano for the Teams link and more information): 
Tuesday, September 12th: Meet the Interns 
Tuesday, September 19th: Meet Anthony Dalessio, CPA 
Tuesday, October 17th: Meet the Entrepreneurs! (Women's Entrepreneurship Week) 
Tuesday, October 24th: PFK O'Connor Davies is coming to campus! 
Tuesday, November  21st: Workshop: Ready, Set, Sell! 
Tuesday, November 28th: What does a Managing Partner in the Financial Industry Do?