In the changing world of business and economics education, it's important to stay current. At FSC, we're introducing the Bloomberg Lab, an initiative designed to change how students learn about finance. This modern facility is available not only to business and economics students but also to those studying different subjects. It's becoming a central place for learning, research, and progress in the field of finance. 
The lab represents our dedication to supporting student interests. With the growing interest in finance, we've created this space for students who want to explore it. Whether they're interested in economics or business, the lab provides guidance, resources, and mentorship tailored to their needs. 
Recently, we launched a minor in finance. This is a significant step, allowing students from various academic backgrounds, including business and other majors, to gain essential financial knowledge. The lab not only strengthens the finance concentration in our Business Management program but also assists in teaching finance-related courses in different areas. 
The Bloomberg Lab offers the tools and environment needed for important discoveries in economic and financial studies. Our commitment to improving learning is also evident through our use of Bloomberg terminals. These tools enable students to earn certification in Bloomberg Market Concepts, which enhances their skills and resumes. 
The Bloomberg Lab is on track to become a significant part of our academic environment. Although our initial focus is on Bloomberg, we're committed to exploring more tools and technologies that will enhance our students' financial education. The lab's potential extends beyond classrooms, influencing research, teaching methods, and the development of skills highly valued in the finance industry. 
In summary, the Bloomberg Lab showcases our commitment to providing well-rounded, innovative, and future-oriented education. By connecting academic learning with practical applications, we're changing the way finance is taught at FSC. As we move ahead, we invite students and faculty to join us in shaping the future of finance education and exploration.