Which professor has profoundly shaped your life? I bet that arriving at an answer to that question didn’t take very long. Professors occupy a significant and pivotal role in our lives, exerting profound influence. Such sentiments find resonance in the words of our alumna, Ashley Rose, who holds a wealth of admiration for her professors during her time at FSC. 
Ashley Rose, a graduate of the spring class of 2022, has recently embarked on her professional journey as a production artist at Austin Williams. The crux of her work centers on the captivating narratives underlying the advertisements she constructs. 
From the outset, Ashley's unwavering passion for graphic design steered her path, leaving her resolute in her choice of major throughout her time at Farmingdale. 
In the midst of the pandemic, Ashley, like her peers, engaged in remote learning, a challenge she acknowledges; however, she praises her professors and fellow students for transforming these hurdles into triumphs. The professors, Ashley notes, not only navigated these challenges adeptly but also kindled heightened creativity within their students. Reflecting on this, she shares, “My professors allowed me to unleash my creativity, some that I didn’t even know I had, and I was able to dig even deeper into my assignments, even remotely.” 
Of special mention are Professor Donna Proper and Professor Kimberly Wild. Ashley extols Professor Proper's genuine concern for her students, transcending the classroom's confines. Moreover, Professor Proper enlightened her on the significance of internships, ultimately playing a pivotal role in securing Ashley's current position through her commendable recommendation. Likewise, Professor Wild significantly contributed to Ashley's professional journey by providing inspiration for her senior project and aiding her in securing her current job. 
Another impactful professor, Professor George Fernandez, Ashley reveals, imparted the most crucial academic lesson she gleaned during her time at Farmingdale. His approach sharpened her discernment for aesthetics and honed her sense of balance within her creative endeavors. The skills and insights Ashley gleaned at FSC continue to illuminate her daily undertakings at Austin Williams. 
Ashley offers a piece of advice to present-day college students: Foster relationships with your professors. She underscores their valuable repository of experience in your desired field, suggesting they are wellspring of knowledge. In the crucible of professional challenges, Ashley finds herself guided by the echoes of her former professors' teachings, a testament to their enduring impact and guidance, even after graduation. 
The narrative of Ashley Rose underscores the immeasurable value of professors in our lives. At FSC, a treasure trove of dedicated educators awaits, poised to share their knowledge and networks. Embrace these opportunities with enthusiasm; the dividends shall undoubtedly be rewarding.