The School of Business continues to develop academic programs that satisfy emerging needs in the dynamic regional marketplace. Its most unique new offering may be the Certificate in Cannabis Production and Management. Housed within the School’s Department of Urban Horticulture and Design, the Cannabis Certificate is an interdisciplinary 24-credit program which includes three Horticulture courses, three Business Management courses, and one each from the Departments of Applied Economics and Health Promotion & Wellness. The program offers great flexibility to students with an entirely online pedagogical format and curriculum that may be completed within two semesters for full-time students. The program is financial aid eligible. 

The Certificate in Cannabis Production and Management went live for the fall 2021 semester following prompt action by the College to develop the program in response to legislation legalizing cannabis in New York State. Student response was immediate and robust with the first cohort completing the credential in May 2022. Enrollment as of December 2022 stands at approximately thirty students.  

The Cannabis Certificate furnishes students with a broad-based, holistic understanding of the dynamic legalized cannabis industry including aspects of the plant’s biology and growing needs coupled with appreciation for the management, marketing, and legal aspects of the sector. Exposure to the economics of the cannabis marketplace and health and wellness considerations completes the student experience. This interdisciplinary approach takes advantage of the School of Business’ diverse expertise to produce graduates well-equipped to fill a variety of entry-level and entrepreneurial opportunities in the vibrant local cannabis industry. Job applicants with formal training gain credibility as attractive candidates. 

Students interested in learning more about the Certificate in Cannabis Production and Management may contact Dr. Jonathan M. Lehrer, chairperson of the Horticulture Department at Email or 934-420-2113.