Business Management faculty at the FSC School of Business have started the fall semester eager to engage with their students, progress with their research projects, and fulfill their service commitments as always, but this year, they are also taking on a unique challenge which will further benefit their students. Together, with administrators and professional staff in the Business Management department, they are working on the final stage of the AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) accreditation process. This is a process which, when complete, will propel FSC’s Business Management department and all of its majors into the worldwide elite.   

But what exactly is AACSB accreditation? AACSB accreditation is a voluntary process in which a business school demonstrates commitment to quality and continuous improvement against a set of internationally relevant standards. AACSB-accredited schools are considered to be amongst the best business schools in the world and graduating from an accredited school improves a student's resume by giving their degree even greater value. This is because AACSB is the most recognized and longest standing accrediting body in business education with only 5.7% of business schools worldwide being AACSB accredited (AACSB, State of Accreditation, September 2022).  

“Our business programs have been substantially transformed through our participation in the accreditation process, and we believe this transformation will endure and continue to serve us well in the future,” says Dr. Nanda Viswanathan, Chair of Business Management and Assistant Dean for the FSC School of Business. The AACSB accreditation process provides the opportunity for business schools to improve and meet high quality standards in all aspects of their operation. Since FSC became eligible for AACSB accreditation in 2016, the Department of Business Management and its programs have seen an increase in student enrollment. Because of this, they have hired more full-time faculty, increased faculty research output, and established clear goals and robust processes for the assurance of student learning.   

A major priority for AACSB and its member schools is to have a positive impact on society. In particular, AACSB schools aspire to “model inclusive communities of work and learning, and to advocate for all individuals' full participation and belonging within business education, business, and society.” The Business Management department proudly supports AACSB’s efforts and is working towards advancing Quality Education and Social Mobility on Long Island and beyond.   

Gaining AACSB accreditation has been shown to increase the reputation of the school as a provider of quality education and this, in turn, enhances the opportunities for job placement for graduates. Because of this, The business Management department is eager to continue working on the accreditation process and is looking forward to keeping you updated on further developments. For further information on AACSB and the accreditation process please visit AACSB's website.