Allan Huang is an explorer at heart. Allan transferred to FSC from Stony Brook University and was looking to start making decisions that would impact his career choices. He moved from a physical therapy program to our Sport Management program with an added minor in legal studies. While Allan’s ambition runs high, he is also very open-minded to try new things. 

In the Spring of 2021, Allan accepted a prestigious opportunity to Intern in Albany with the New York State Assembly. While this internship typically is in-person, Allan was able to experience a Hybrid internship. Allan worked for Nader J. Sayegh from district 90. His favorite part about this internship was being able to communicate with his constituents and talk to individuals from all types of backgrounds. This exposed him to various topics that were outside of the Sport Management field. He described that his fellow interns had majors within and around the political arena and he felt a little out of place. But Allan used his unique perspective and background to his advantage. Allan went on to win the “Public Policy Research Paper” award on his paper entitled “Realization and Discrimination of Prostitution and Sex Trade Market”. He expressed that his surroundings allowed him to reach outside his comfort zone and dive deep into a topic unfamiliar to him but brought to light by the District 90 constituents. Allen was very thankful for this experience and it exposed him to various other political topics outside of the Sport Management arena. 

The following summer Allan took a position referred to him through his connection in Albany. He worked as a Conservation Program Specialist for Rock Springs Ranch in Kansas. Allan’s daily tasks include coordinating environmentalists and contractors to go into the field to survey local flora and animal life. His team also provides relief for local natural disasters as Kansas has a very fluid climate.

Allan found a passion for his current work. He has demonstrated that he is open to trying new paths. He stated, “one door opens another.” To keep taking on new opportunities can lead you to newfound places in your life. He wants to encourage his fellow classmates to try new things that can turn out to be very rewarding.