This past Spring Dr. Betty Feng won an article presented by the Editorial Board of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Exchange. Her award, the 2020 Schulze Publication Award, was given to Dr. Feng for her article entitled “Integrate LEGO® Serious Play® for Collective Creativity.” Dr. Feng is an Associate Professor in our Business Management Department here at FSC. 

Dr. Feng wrote the article to share her tools and resources with fellow educators to spark group engagement, innovation, and creativity in the classroom. The tool she highlights in her article focuses primarily on utilizing LEGO® Serious Play® to facilitate collective innovation in the classroom. She explained that this method has a lot of different applications. It can be used to support divergent and convergent thinking. It also can create a platform for people of different backgrounds to come together and work toward a solution. 

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Exchange awards a $1,000 cash prize to the organization or college of the winners choosing. Since Dr. Feng’s article received 11,945 views she donated the winnings to the education for Entrepreneurship and Innovation through Farmingdale State College Foundation. This will fund future Innovation Challenge hosted by FSC.